Nurtured by Love, Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Nurtured by Love (by Dr. Suzuki)

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Nurtured by Love (Revised edition). Written by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, translated from his original Japanese text.

Nurtured By Love is a collection of Dr. Suzuki’s thoughts on the ideas that guided his life and work, Talent Education, later to be known as the Suzuki Method.

Dr. Suzuki writes about his Mother Tongue Method, his views on talent and education, and his belief that for great artists, high standards of art and high ethical standards for life are synonymous.

Based on his observation that all children speak their native language fluently at a young age (and are thus highly capable to be educated in many disciplines early on), and on his belief that talent is not inherited but learned, Suzuki's Method concentrates on creating the best environment for child development. Similarly to learning a language, his famous teaching method incorporates

  • Parent involvement
  • Daily listening
  • Motivation
  • Repetition
  • Step-by-step mastery
  • Memory
  • Vocabulary
  • Love 

This book is a must for any Suzuki parent or teacher. I also highly recommend this book for any parent with young children looking for inspirational material.