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Created specifically with the developing violinist in mind, the PinkyHold is not a crutch or support. Instead, it gently helps develop the pinky's muscle memory along the way to mastering bow control. The PinkyHold is easy to install and fits on all sizes of violin and viola bows and is easily adjusted to accommodate variations in hand size and hold placement.

The PinkyHold does not lock the player into some idealized notion of "the perfect position and shape". This varies with each individual. However, the pinky does have many responsibilities such as guiding bow direction, acting as a counter-weight, and initating many of the movements needed to produce bow strokes such as the martelé, collé and spiccato.

The PinkyHold is designed to encourage the development of an agile and flexible pinky, which leads to the proper flexibility and balance. Avoiding stiffness is critical, because it squelches good tone and significantly limits the versatility required in playing the instrument. A pinky that is either poorly positioned or constantly slipping off the stick can now be corrected quite simply.

Features & details

  • The PinkyHold fits all standard fractional and full size violin and viola bows, with the exception of full size Glasser Brooklyn Classic and Bronx Bows, which are too thick. Slides to adjust for any hand size. Made of soft non-allergenic silicone Weight: 3 grams (.11 oz) Dimensions: 1.3" x 0.6" x 0.6"